Welcome to Our College

Welcome! Education is prima- rily an exploration into the unknown avenues of intell- ectual, cultural, artistic and even spiritual talents of the students. It is a matter of immense delight that Baikunth Nath Mahavidyalaya has incepted an enviable tradition of such an integral vision of education. A student who completes his education at the College will be intellectually equipped, culturally open, spiritually enriched and socially perfect. In order to achieve the goals aimed at by education, together with academic studies, opportunities must.e provided for co-curricular and co-mural activities, for they play a big role in the process of all round development of the students. This helps them to see the realities in a larger and better perspective…..Read more

Founder's Message

Welcome to my page. As one of the revolu- tionary institutions of ed- ucation in India, the college has developed distinct brand equity. The learners here challenge assumptions, think beyond visible limits, and add the value of ex- cellence in whatever they do. Our commitment to nurture, harness and explore the potential of the students with the principles of including educational, social, cultural and spiritual awakening has yielded better employability amongst the students The college gives you one of the best returns on all your educational requests that you would ever make in your entire life, anywhere in the globe! The standards of instruction at the College are amongst the highest in the country and compare favorably with some of the best in the world…Read more

Manager's Message

First of all I welcome you in our college.You will be taught by the best teachers in the area. I assure you that I will takecare to fulfill all your needs to get best out of college. We have good library, a good play ground and we conduct cultural activities to make your all around development. I expect good result from you and hope that you will make us feel proud. I am delighted that you have chosen our college which renders adequate guidance and assistance in understanding the creativity, scientific and managerial skills of Bachelor Level gradates. This college is a forward looking modern college with international reputation for the excellence of its innovative teaching methodologies and research based doctrine…Read more

Our Vision & Mission

The institute visualizes itself to become an institute of excellence in field of education, by focusing on quality education and by training the students for entrepreneurship and motivating them to become innovators and leaders with intensive work cultural. ” Baikunth Nath Mahavidyalaya, vision’s “to make itself synonymous with learning”. We, at Baikunth Nath Mahavidyalaya, believe that colleges, the temples of learning shall not stagnate as exaggerated tutorials offering shortsighted courses. We envisage a role for ourselves as a centre of higher learning where we cherish, nurture and disseminate knowledge and thereby establish ourselves as pioneers in “man making education”.

To serve nation as a centre for advancement, preservation and dissemination of knowledge. We aim to equip our students with a perfect synthesis of human values, ancient wisdom and modern thought. Thus, ensuring that when they foray into the fiercely .competitive and advanced technological world, they do not turn into mere but retain their sense of self as direct result of what they “learnt” with us.